Grease is a VERY powerful fire accelerant. Don’t allow your business and building to be put in jeopardy. Ensure your grease extraction system is working properly and, above all, CLEANED OF GREASE deposits on a very regular basis.

Areas to be cleaned are shrouded for several reasons…

  • Collect greasy deposits... prevent them entering municipal sewage systems
  • Prevent water entering expensive equipment and controls during cleaning operations.
  • Provide for ease and quickness of cleanup following grease removal processes.

BUT there’s a lot more than “meets the eye”. We have specialty tools to reach way up into the ducting...

...and all the way down from the roof to ensure hidden grease is ALL removed.

Grease filtering louvers must be in good condition and properly adjusted or grease passes by all of them and up into ducts as well as onto roofs.

  • We thoroughly clean the entire grease exhaust system from the kitchen hood to through the roof fan and clean any standing grease on the roof.
  • We can source grease filters and roof fans as needed.

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With our top-of-the-line equipment, high quality detergents and professionally trained staff we can ensure that your house will not be damaged. We gently pressure wash vinyl and aluminum siding, and clean eavestroughs, downpipes and spouting. With our exterior house cleaning services we will leave your home looking new again.