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High Pressure Steam Cleaning

High pressure steam cleaning

We’re tough on grime but gentle on your property. We clean in the range of 1000 psi generating 100+°C (212+°F) steam. Using high pressure steam cleaning we are able to obliterate the toughest ground in filth. Yet remain gentle enough to leave your property undamaged and gleaming crystal clean!

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning


We can provide complete grease extraction system cleaning of your commercial or institutional kitchen. We clean the entire roof discharge fans and their housings. Every inch of ducting right down to the stove hoods is cleaned to like new condition. After the hoods are cleaned, the cleaned grease filtering louvers or other type filtering components are put back properly adjusted. We can also source any faulty component in the system.

Janitorial Services

Manual Janitorial Services

A clean and tidy place of business speaks volumes to visiting clients how you do business. Not to mention first impressions to prospective clients. A clean and tidy work place is more safe which can reduce workplace hazards reducing down time and thus being more productive. We go the extra mile and strive to exceed your expectations. We will sit down with you to develop a unique schedule to come in day or night to clean using state of the art technologies and equipment.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Commercial Restrooms

Surveys have shown that most consumers wouldn’t return to an establishment if their restrooms were dirty. Everyone deserves a clean and sanitized restroom. Your customers expect it. Your employees will respect you for it. When you're too busy doing what you do best, leave this very important detail to us. We will develop a schedule that is unique to your business to ensure the highest degree of cleanliness is achieved and maintained.

Signage and Store Front Cleaning

Signage and/or Store Front Cleaning

First impressions are everything. The exterior of your business is your first impression to your customer. If the storefront of your business looks shabby, run down or dirty, it will drive away potential customers.

We provide storefront cleaning services that can handle the dirt and grime on exterior features of your business such as sidewalks, concrete, drive-thrus, fences and other hard surfaces. Using a high pressured system to wash your hard exterior features is the best way to rid them of stains and dirt. We will have your business storefront looking brand new.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Whether your property has thousands of commercial square feet or it’s your private residence, your carpeted floor covering is a large investment that needs to be protected and maintained. Not cleaning your carpets regularly will drastically reduce the life of your carpet. They will wear out prematurely, especially in high traffic areas. Our tried and true methods will ensure that you get the maximum life expectancy from your carpeting investment.


We provide damage free cleaning to a plethora of items.
The following are some examples but not limited to.

Concrete Pool Decks and Patios

Concrete Patios

Pool Decks

Wood Decks

Pressure Washing Fence


Pressure Washing  Siding


Complete Power Washing Property Exterior